17 фотографий сусликов, из которых получились идеальные питомцы

Когда люди думают, какое домашнее животное можно завести дома, обычно в их список попадают собаки, коты и кролики. Возможно, птицы, рыбки и рептилии. Но почему на радар любителей животных не попадают суслики? Ведь они тоже могут стать прелестными питомцами, приводящими в восторг всю семью! Если не верите или сомневаетесь, убедитесь на опыте храброй женщины, которая принесла домой двух крошечных сусликов. Независимый Сварли, названный в честь Барни Стинсона из «Как я встретил вашу маму», и любопытный Бинг, получивший прозвище от персонажа «Друзей» — неразлучные товарищи, покорившие весь мир!

When people think of pets, the usual list of animals pop to the top of people's minds: Dogs, cats, fish, birds, bunnies, reptiles...etc. But few people have even thought to put prairie dogs on their radar, or even understand that they actually are capable of being great pets. One brave family raised a charismatic duo of prairie dogs by the name of Bing and Swarley whose photos are now all over social media. Cassidy Bryce, the proud prairie dog owner, describes the decision to try such a unique set of animals to raise: "I saw the prairie dogs at a pet store, and I researched how to take care of them for several days. Prairie dogs are not too much work, but definitely more work than most other rodents. They have a lifespan in captivity similar to dogs so you will have them for a long time."

Cassidy went on to discuss how the prairie dogs have a personality that far exceeds your average hamster or gerbil. "I would say Swarley is more independent. Bing is completely opposite. He will run around my feet following me all over the house and grabbing my legs until I pick him up and pet him. He’s way more dependent and I could pet him for an hour without him wanting to go off and do his own thing. At night they both cuddle with me in my bed, and Bing will sleep flipped over on his back so I can rub his stomach. These guys are really friendly with other animals. Bing and Swarley go along very well with other family pets – labradoodle Biscuit and ducks Halpert and Hugh Quackman."

The prairie dog's are both named after popular TV show characters; Bing is named after Chandler Bing from ‘Friends’ and Swarley is from Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother.’


There is also Lil’ Sebastian, the goat, a constant companion of the two.












More photos of Bing & Swarley can be found on their Instagram page